Sunday, March 07, 2010

Decor Elements Auto!

This Afternoon's Lesson From Outside The Craft Room:  Why Create Small When You Can Create Big!

I am the kind of person who believes a car is meant to get you from here to there.  I have had my car since 1998 and I intend to have it until it won't have me anymore :)  My car and I have been through a lot!  She was stolen twice (can you believe it?!), but both times she found me again.  Since the repairs from when she was last stolen, the clear coat has begun to peel away.  I guess the body shop can never do as good of a job as the manufacturer.  I have thought about repainting the car, but I've been told that the car is worth less than the paint job would, I figured, why not make her beautiful in some other way!  Today I ventured outside with my Ginormous Flowers decor elements and began working on her makeover :)  This is what I've done so far - it is already making me smile :)  I'm debating whether or not to cover her entirely, or to just focus on her problem areas.  I figured I would stop for the afternoon and take another look at her tomorrow, once I've stepped away for a bit.  Why create small when you can create big! :)  I hope you like her!


jovialjudi said...

You are too funny and I say way to go!! There will be no mistaking you as a creative person!! How fun!! This so suits you. :-) Have a wonderful day!!

Unknown said...

What a great idea to do to an old and much beloved car. Very creative!