Friday, March 12, 2010

A Thoughtful Day

Today's Lesson From My Home:  Find Your Moments Of Heaven Here On Earth

I went for my morning "wog" with Buddy this morning.  Our route takes us by a park near our house.  There is one corner of the park that sits up on a hill and from that vantage point you can see the snow-covered mountains in the distance.  As part of our morning ritual, we have begun to stop at that corner of the park and sit on the bench there and stare at the mountains in silence.  Today, I sat on the bench and Buddy sat down right in front of me (well, actually, right on my left foot) with his back pressing against my calf.  In that moment I felt I was experiencing a piece of Heaven here on earth.  Just thinking about it now makes me take in a deep breath...and exhale.  I want to be mindful of these moments, and try to look for them in my daily life.  Today I'm choosing to not head into the craft room.  Instead, I am heading back into the kitchen where my creating is about nourishing myself and my family tonight for dinner...baklava and vegetarian moussaka...the house smells divine!  Have a beautiful night!

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jovialjudi said...

Oh my! I love and I mean love Baklava. Where did you find the recipe? Is it difficult? I am not a vegetarian but I do sometimes eat like one. Have a wonderful evening Michelle!