Sunday, December 27, 2009

Canada Journal/Scrapbook

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Enjoy Good Food and Good Fun With Friends!

We had a group of friends over for dinner tonight.  It's become a tradition - our Sunday night dinners.  We cook and people come and relax and enjoy a home-cooked meal.  Everyone brings something along - a bottle of wine, some chips & dip, a bit of fudge.  I always know there will be a lot of laughter :)  One of our Sunday night friends is headed to Canada to be with her boyfriend for a few months - we're going to miss her.  He is one lucky guy (and he better not forget it!) :)  This is a small gift I made for her to take on her journey - a place she can capture her thoughts and store some photos/memories.  There are pages and some pockets inside.  I am still in love with my bind-it-all!  I love the ability to create books like this that can survive a trip without falling apart at the binding!  Hope you like it!

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